Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shaming the Dog Killers

The video of the dog killing cops has sparked an outpouring of requests that names and addresses of the officers involved be posted so they cam be shamed for their behavior. I include myself in this here and here.

Now comes this thought provoking piece from Jennifer II who claim to be a former "peace officer":
Shaming these pathetic excuses for human beings, as despicable as they are for participating in this sort of behavior, will not change a thing. As the Cato Insititute points out quite visually, this happens every day (tip of the hat to Western Rifle Shooters for the link :)   ). The problem is much deeper than a few bad apples in one department, it’s a systemic problem created by the federal government.
Read the whole thing then ask yourself how this situation can be reversed.

H/T to WSRA.

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