Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Comment on Mayor Daley

Living in Babylon left a comment to my post questioning mayor Daley's sanity,
If I threatened to sodomize Ol' Boss Daley with a gun a judge would sign a no-knock faster than you can say "Assassination threat to a political figure headlining the Chicago Sun-Times"

But somehow he gets away with being batshit crazy anyway, and they keep...fucking...electing...him.
I think is he right that, if the roles were reversed and the reporter had offered to shove something up Daley's butt, there is little doubt the tax eaters that protect Hizzoner would be all over the reporter like white on rice. There is clearly a double standard for violence in all America politics today but it is especially vivid in the comedy that is Chicago.

As for staying elected, I've been told by a friend who lives in Illinois that living voters in Chicago stay home on election day for their own safety. So many dead people vote in Chicago that the polls resemble a George Romero movie.

I think he was making a joke.

I think...

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