Saturday, May 15, 2010

Medical Marijuana and Molotov Cocktails

In Billings, Montana two medial marijuana businesses were vandalized and one was firebombed.

Full article here.

In response, the city council, true to the ceaseless quest of all politicians to justify their generally useless existence, decided to put six month moratorium on medical marijuana businesses.

AP article here

Let me get this straight...

Some thugs vandalize and firebomb a business and the reaction of the politicians is to put a moratorium on that particular business. In a sane world, politicians would be denouncing the thuggery in no uncertain terms. Instead they roll over like whipped puppies, pee on their belly and give the criminals a victory. what's next? If some Allah Akbar twit vandalizes and firebombs a Baptist church will the Billings city council put a moratorium on preaching?

Someone notify Paul Helmke. Getting rid of gun stores -- in Montana anyways -- may be easier than he thinks! Just spray paint some windows, toss in a Molotov cocktail and the politicians will put a moratorium for gun businesses on the next meeting agenda.

I rather like the summary over at Living in Babylon:
In a nutshell, some folks were so pissed off about cancer patients legally smoking dope they decided that the logical solution was a molotov cocktail through the door.
He makes some other good points so read the whole thing. (warning! rated TV-MA)

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