Monday, August 23, 2010

Jesus on a Pig's Back.

Over at The Gate of Vienna Baron Bopddisey post the above image explaining that,
Nothing was said or done by Christians on the European continent about this provocative tasteless piece of art. If the artist had instead painted the prophet Mohammed on the back of a pig, at a minimum riots would have erupted all over Europe.
I get the point about the Muslims and if Christianity was still stuck in the Twelfth Century, Christians might be outraged at the tattoo, launch an Inquisition and have the artist burned for witchcraft or some other superstitious nonsense. Last time I checked, though, most Christians have left that behind them.

Maybe I'm just too provincial but I don't get why the image above is offensive to modern Christians.

I googled the artist's name (Wim Delvoye) and I see he has done a lot of tattoos on the backs of pigs. I don't see much point in tattooing a pig but I just don't get why the image of the Sacred Heart on a pig's back is an offense to Christianity. Delvoye also tattooed Ariel and the lobster from the Disney cartoon onto a pig and I thought the tattoo of a crucified Micky Mouse with Minnie praying at the foot of the cross was kind of touching.

For a tattoo that that might upset the Disney lawyers, that is...

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