Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More 7-Eleven stores robbed

St. Petersburg police looking for 7-Eleven robber wielding kitchen knife

Police are asking for the public's help to identify a man accused of robbing two 7-Eleven stores while armed with a long kitchen knife.

The first incident took place about 5:50 a.m. on Aug. 19 at 11590 Fourth St. N, police said, when the suspect leaped over the counter and threatened the clerk to open up the register.

The clerk did so, police said. The suspect grabbed an undisclosed amount of cash and ran out the store.

The second incident took place Saturday, when a man matching the description of the suspect in the first incident entered the store at 5451 31st St. S about 6:24 a.m.
I hate to state the obvious but what the hell do they expect? In July 2000 Glenda Renee Hull attemtpted to rob a 7-Eleven store in W. Virginia. One of the clerks responded by detaining the criminal until the police arrived.
After giving her the money, Feliciano grabbed her gun and wrestled her to the ground, holding her there until deputies with the Berkeley County Sheriff's Department arrived. Glenda Renee Hull, the woman apprehended in the attempted robbery, was arrested and later pleaded guilty to one count of carrying a firearm during a violent crime. She was sentenced to prison, where she remains.
Did Southland Corporation (the owners of 7-Eleven) reward this brave young man? Did they at least acknowledge his actions with an attaboy? No to either: They fired him.
Two weeks after the incident, Feliciano, who was hailed a hero by some local residents, was fired, in part because he violated a company policy against resisting a robber. The case captured national media attention.
"Do not resist," has become the mantra politicians, corprolites and the police constantly promote and, as 7-Eleven illustrates, they will punish anyone they have the power to punish who resists criminal action. This is unconscionably anti-social behavior. No matter where you believe criminal tendencies originate -- nature or nuture -- giving an attacker what he wants only encourages the behavior via the well known process of reinforcement. Maybe that explain why 7-Eleven stores are such popular targets for crime

Do the idiots on the Board of Directors of Southland Corporation really think that the bad guys don't know about their insane policy?

In a sane society, no citizen would be punished for stopping a crime. The Board of Directors of Southland Corporation have chosen to not support sanity but instead choose to encourage criminals. By doing so they not only endanger their own employees but, by attracting thugs to the area, increase the risk for others as well.

H/T to David Codea


  1. From the perspective of those fucks in the upper ranks of these corporations, it makes sense to tell employees not to resist robbery. A guy that won't stand up to a two bit crackhead sure as hell won't stand up to his bosses.

  2. Well LiB, I suspect that has a lot to do with it. The Corporites want timid employees, the government wants timid citizens and the criminals want timid victims.

    Funny how that works out.


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