Monday, August 16, 2010

Maybe there is Hope for England

I am not an advocate of vandalism. I've sometimes said, tongue barely touching cheek, that it should be a rebutable defense against a charge of homicide that the victim was shot while spray painting private property. Nevertheless, vandalism can be a symbol of something good.

In Merrie olde England

Snipers target road signs
Never mind speeders or road hogs, now there is a new peril facing British motorists – signpost snipers.

The RAC Foundation has warned of the growing phenomenon of gunmen firing at road signs at locations across Britain.

Officials there say that many of the shootings are "drive by", with the guns fired from a moving vehicle. Analysis of the damaged signs reveals that a high proportion of shots are fired from the near, or passenger, side of the car.

A dossier compiled for the motoring organisation has found evidence that illegally-held handguns, high velocity rifles and shotguns are all being used in the shootings.
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This may turn out be just some meaningless vandalism by members of one or another of the gangs that are infesting England. In fact, I suspect it is. OTOH, it may be a sign that the some of the English are finally getting sick and tired of what their country is becoming.

I can only hope. After all their ancestors committed regicide at least twice, stood up to the Germans and endured the Blitz.

H/T to the Sipsey Street Irregulars

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