Thursday, August 26, 2010

Women and Guns

In a post at SnarkyBytes regarding women gunowners the author says:
You don’t have to train with any gun. Practice will certainly improve your shooting, but when it comes to a self defense handgun you don’t have to train at all, most people never do anyway. Refer back to that whole intuitive thing. Point open end at bad guy, pull trigger until he stops moving. If you like to train that’s fine, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’ll be more prepared than anyone else when the shit hits the fan. Cardboard doesn’t shoot back and until it does you’re just playing a game.
The author may be correct in saying that many people will never bother to do any training. That is, unfortunately, consistent with my limited experience. Additionally some of the training I've seen hereabouts really is little more that pandering to mascuine Walter Mitty fantasies and I can understand why women avoid it. However to excuse all that with a flippant, "You don’t have to train with any gun" is grossly irresponsible.

Hell! It is a stupid thing to say! If I were a religious man I'd ask the Saints to protects any person who listens to the idiot.

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