Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Politicians Side with the Criminals Again.

Legislators in Westchester County are not going to change their archaic storage laws according to this report at LoHud.com.
The county law, enacted in 2000, requires owners to store a gun with a safety lock or in a safe-storage depository.
Gun lock advocates like Dennis Henigan claim a lock can be removed in 2 seconds even though he failed to do so in a demonstration while wide awake in a well-lit room with no attacker. Imagine trying it in the dark with a knife wielding thug intent on hurting you and your children. Anyone familiar with the Tueller Drill knows that the actual evidence from repeatable experiments indicate that an armed assailant can cover 21 feet and stab you in about 1.5 seconds. Even if you could remove a gun lock in 2 seconds that is 500ms too long to save your life.

So-called "safe storage laws" tilt the odds in favor of the criminal and I'm an not convinced that this is an unintended consequence.

H.T to David Codrea


  1. Wow.
    Sounds like the type of law that is meant to be broken.


  2. I had an anarchist friend tell me, "If you're not breaking at least two laws a day you're not living right." Stupid laws like this certainly make it easier to live right by that standard


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