Sunday, June 13, 2010

Abby Sunderland Rescued

Here is the LA Times Report

Read the comments section. There are several people calling the parents things like " irresponsible and negligent at best" to let their daughter try such a trip. Or accusing her and her parents of being "obsessed with this record".

Yes it's dangerous to sail around the world alone. I'm a sailor from way back and I know that even in sheltered waters or close to shore you can get in trouble. A forty footer in open ocean can be a chancy undertaking. So what? Abby is no beginner and knows how to handle a boat. She hit some bad luck in the middle of the Indian Ocean and proved she is not only well trained but also smart and resourceful. She was prepared physically and mentally for the worst and had the innate courage to handle adversity.

Here parents should be proud they raised a young lady with such attributes. The idiots criticizing her can crawl back into their caves, shake their rattles at the dark and beg the fairies at the bottom of the garden to protect them from the Big Scary Outside.

I wonder if it ever occurred to the morons assailing her that the odds of getting hurt crossing the Indian Ocean in a forty foot sailing boat are about 1% or less of what she would face walking unarmed across Los Angeles or New York City.

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  1. Here, here!!!

    I was taught survival skills as a young child, raised by my grandparents in the upper Adirondacks hunting, fishing, fire making, dressing game, building shelter, and a few other useful things. We didn't just "camp" during the summertime but actually put old skills to use. My grandmother also taught me gardening, canning, sewing, and other "crafts" that are pretty much lost to the younger generations today. Abby makes me proud!


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