Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's in a Name

Claire Wolfe blogs here about those who impede their own freedom without realizing it and how reclaiming it often comes in small steps. She uses a friend's realization the she can control her own name as a foil to illustrate the point.

I've never been overly sensitive about the name my parents gave me. I don't mind when people call me by my first name when those who know me always use my middle one. As La Esposa points out, anyone calling me by my first name obviously doesn't know me regardless of how hard he tries to sound comradely.

The article did make me think of the times I've change my online moniker. For example, once upon a time I was known as "enemyofthestate" but, as I assimilated the ideas behind gulching and withdrawing of consent, I realized that the state is no more an enemy than a hurricane, earthquake or any other natural disaster.

While it is a goodness thing to find ways to avert a disaster or, failing that, divert the effect there is no point in making myself an enemy of what is, at the core, an unthinking phenomena. It certainly wouldn't call myself "enemyofthetornado" or enemyofthetsunami" and I finally realized that "enemyofthestate" was no longer appropriate.

Hence I became "parabarbarian" which I hope better illustrates my new and (hopefully) improved methodology.

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