Saturday, June 12, 2010

Range Day with the 686.

Went to the Oak Tree Gun Club range in Newhall today with the California Bears shooting club. It's a long drive from Glendora but it really was worth it. In addition to trap and skeet, which don't interest me much, they have a very nice handgun range which I took advantage of while the rest of the club was busting clays.

I recently had my 686 machined for moon clips and wanted to make sure it was in shape for a Zombie Shoot next month so I concentrated on the plates at 12 and 25 yards. However even when using 38 special +P (the range doesn't allow magnum loads on the steel plates), that got boring so I switched to flipping a six inch plate at 50 yards back and forth. After my second cylinder (fourteen shots) at the longer range I realized mine was the only gun shooting. Ah crap, I thought to myself, did I miss the range officer calling a break? I set the empty gun down, stepped back and realized everybody had stopped to watch me shoot.

A couple of guys complimented me on my shooting. I thanked them then made a beeline for the restroom. When I got back, everyone was back to normal.

Yes, it was an undeniable ego boost to hear the congratulations but I don't mind admitting it was a bit intimidating too. I do not consider myself to be all that great a shooter. I mean, it was only fifty yards. If it had been at 100 or more then, yeah, I'd think I was doing good but fifty?

I had great time and I feel pretty confident I can beat up on the Zombies next month.

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