Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who the Hell Does the Law Belong To?

What is it about reporters that they feel the need to belittle and slander any person who does the right thing? The intended victim in the following story did not "take" the law into his own hands, it was already his. In a Constitutional Republic (or even in a democracy) we the people own the law. It is not the exclusive property of the police and especially not that of ignorant reporters.
Homeowner Takes Law Into His Own Hands

MORGAN COUNTY - The Morgan County Sheriff's Department says a man on East Lacon Road took the law into his own hands. Dispatchers received a 911 call that the homeowner was holding a burglary suspect at gunpoint.

The Morgan County Sheriff's Department says it all started Tuesday when the victim noticed someone had kicked in the door to his home that he was moving out of.

The would be burglar returned Wednesday morning.

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"As soon as he pulled in the driveway the door was standing open again. This time some of his belongings were piled in a pile," said Investigator Robert Newman.

So the homeowner camped out and waited until dark.

"This individual comes up on the porch kind of looked around, turned around and stepped in," said Investigator Robert Newman.

Investigator Robert Newman says Kenneth Michael Stewart walked straight to the pile of belongings he planned to steal.

"As he stepped in he pushed the door shut and there the homeowner was with the shotgun leveled at him," said Investigator Newman.

Investigator Newman says Stewart cooperated with the homeowner until deputies arrived.

Even though this worked out in this situation, officers do not recommend taking these extreme measures to protect your home.

"In that situation it could've gone bad. If he had had to shoot his girlfriend was sleeping in the bedroom on the other side of the suspect. If he had had to of shoot it wouldn't have been good," said Investigator Robert Newman.

Kenneth Michael Stewart is being held in Morgan County jail on $7,500 bond on two counts of burglary.

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