Saturday, June 19, 2010

Censoring the Internet and Unintended Consequences

To gauge how the Three Percent is reacting to the prospect of the FCC "regulating" the Internet, read:

Internet Control. Unintended Consequences


Can Obama Shut Down the Internet?

Now, even if you think giving government this kind of power is a good idea, consider what it will be like when the motto, "all dot-gov data nodes must die" is on the lips, fingers, and soldering iron of every freedom-loving hacker on the continent.

Good luck with that.

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  1. I have been following this with some interest.

    It is a dangerous concept and you bring up a good point about hackers-often borderline anarchists dying for an excuse anyway, with plenty of time and ingenuity oozing from their jaded brains, would make a nasty foe for a .gov already in financial, um, what's the polite term...oh yeah FORCED FIVE CLUSTERFUCK. They can bleed them and bleed them and bleed them of the only thing they value-money.

    In some ways I consider computer hackers to be the best breed of scumfucks.


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