Thursday, June 17, 2010

Legal Home Invasion

in Barling, Arkansas
Last month, the Sebastian County Sheriff's Office, the 12th/21st Judicial Drug Task Force and the Barling Police Department all conducted a drug raid on a house in Barling, Arkansas. Even though the search warrant itself was completely accurate, law enforcement officers had entered the wrong residence. A man, woman and small baby were in the house when the drug force walked in, and the man and woman were handcuffed before the mistake was discovered.

The door was unlocked, which was probably a good thing. Important details such as whether the man or woman was unarmed or if the possibility of a confrontation existed when the officers entered the home are unknown. The odds of violent reaction to this situation were large, and all involved were very lucky everything was resolved safely.
Once the cops break into your home without the proper warrant you will have little chance for a fair trial. If you are lucky, you will be charged with some bogus, after the fact, crime like resisting arrest. If you are unlucky the cops will just plant some drugs to provide probable cause and charge you with resisting arrest anyways. The cops, their masters in the courts and legislatures, and sycophants in the media have created a situation where an honest citizen is ever more likely to be offered the choice between a rigged trial and imprisonment or an unfair gunfight.

Real drug dealers rarely fight the police because going to prison is just part of the cost of doing business. Most gangs will help take care of a loyal member's family while he is behind bars and gang membership provides some protection on the inside. The violent tactics being used by the police endanger the law abiding members of society far more than they do the criminal element. The fact that violent criminals now emulate the police when invading homes should tell the decent citizen everything he needs to know about the state of the police today.

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